Research Doctorate Programs

40th Cycle - Academic Year 2024/25

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PhD projects available at the DiSTAR are listed below

For each project only one PhD position will be assigned

  1. Aiello-Barra - Plio-Pleistocene ostracod assemblages and paleoenvironmental evolution in the Monte San Nicola and Montalbano Jonico successioni.
  2. Albanese - Definition of the conceptual model, assessment of environmental risks and analysis of the best available techniques at eligible costs (BATNEEC) for the environmental recovery of a brownfield characterized by a multi-source contamination
  3. Balassone – Vanadium and its minerals: crystal-chemical and structural features and enrichment mechanisms of a strategic critical metal in different geological environments
  4. Bruno - Advanced Reprocessing and Integration of Exploration Seismic Data for the Geological and Structural Characterization of the Phlegraean Caldera
  5. Coda - Integrated approaches for evaluating groundwater resources and hydrogeological risks by remote sensing techniques and hydrogeological modelling
  6. D’Antonio - Microplastics and heavy metals in soils from Campania: interaction mechanisms and strategies for environmental impact mitigation
  7. De Vita - Monitoring and modelling of the hydrological regime of pyroclastic deposits in peri-vesuvian area
  8. Di Maio - Reconstruction of the thermodynamic state of active geothermal systems through geophysical models. Applications to Italian volcanic areasReconstruction of the thermodynamic state of active geothermal systems through geophysical models. Applications to Italian volcanic areas
  9. Donadio - Novel outside-the-box study on transitional environments for the conservation of geomorphic systems
  10. Ferranti - High resolution geological-structural models through the integration of surface data and seismic reflection profiles in areas of active and recent tectonics in southern Italy
  11. Marzocchi - Development of innovative methods for estimating seismic hazard and earthquake forecasting
  12. Parente - Physical properties of Messinian evaporite deposits within Tyrrhenian Basin: environmental and tectonic implications.
  13. Petrosino - Plio-Quaternary volcanoclastic sedimentation in core successions of the Tyrrhenian Basin, IODP Leg 402: stratigraphic and volcanological implications
  14. Raia - Mammal Response and Extinction Risk under Ice Age Global Change
  15. Repola - Cultural landscapes. 3D digitization and development of platforms for geospatial data management, analysis and communication.
  16. Riccardi - Analysis and modelling of non-stationary components of the gravity field using Hybrid Gravimetry in the Campi Flegrei area
  17. Rispoli - Pozzolanic geomaterials: Phlegreanpozzolana in comparison with other volcaniclastic materials with pozzolanic activity
  18. Russo - Treatment with alkaline-activated binders of waste soil for their reuse in the construction of large infrastructures.
  19. Scafetta - Climate change and natural climate variability
  20. Selva - Tsunami hazard form volcanic sources in the Mediterranean Sea
  21. Valente - Short- and long-term geomorphological evolution of the Apennine divide area between Irpinia and Sannio
  22. FerrantiThree-dimensional analysis of active faults in Southern Apennines using electrical resistivity surveys
  23. IezziInvestigation of active faults in Southern Apennines by means of seismic reflection surveys
  24. Di MaioElectromagnetic monitoring of active volcanic areas: an application to the Phlegraean area
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