Research Doctorate Programs

37th Cycle - Academic Year 2021/22

The University of Naples Federico II has issued the call for admission to the doctoral courses (XXXVII cycle) - D.R. n. 1741, 22.4.2021. Detailed information on the application procedures are found on the University of Naples Federico II website, at the following page: 

Deadline for applications is May 27th, 2021, 12.00 CET. 

Applications must be submitted exclusively online at:

  • Attachment A (List of PhD courses at University of Naples Federico II):


PhD projects available at the DiSTAR are listed below

For each project only one PhD position will be assigned

Seismic exploration of seismogenic faults and active volcanoes in Italy
Tutor: Pier Paolo G. Bruno
Co-tutor: Luigi Improta (INGV)
Planetary geological mapping and tectonic analysis of Mercury
Tutor: Luigi Ferranti
Co-tutor: Valentina Galluzzi (INAF-IAPS)
Optimization of critical elements recovery from nonsulfide Zn deposits
Tutor: Nicola Mondillo
Co-tutors: Giuseppina Balassone, Licia Santoro
Earthquake Clustering with Cellular Automata and Machine Learning
Tutor: Ester Piegari
Co-tutor: Warner Marzocchi, Marcus Herrmann, Giovanni Camanni
Role of rifting-related structural inheritance in localizing deformation in orogenic systems
Tutor: Stefano Tavani
Co-tutors: Kei Ogata, Gianreto Manatschal (Università di Strasburgo), Josep Antón Muñoz (Università di Barcellona)
Reuse of dredged sediments for geotechnical applications
Tutor: Enza Vitale
Co-tutor: Giacomo Russo
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