Research Doctorate Programs

36th Cycle - Academic Year 2020/21

The University of Naples has opened the call for admission to the doctoral courses (XXXVI cycle) - D.R. n. 1383, 23.4.2020. Detailed information on the application procedures can be found on the University of Naples website, at the following page: 

Deadline for applications is on the 26th of May 2020, 12.00 CET. 

Applications must be submitted exclusively online, on this portal:

Before 10th of June 2020, candidates have to send digital copies of all the documents attesting their qualifications and titles directly to the Department. After the application deadline (26th of May 2020), the candidates will receive an official e-mail from the Department with specific instructions for qualifications and titles presentation. Titles supplied in other ways will be not considered for the doctorate call.


PhD projects available at the DiSTAR are listed below

For each project only one PhD position will be assigned
Tutor: Stefano Albanese
Tutor: Giuseppina Balassone        Co-tutors: Piergiulio Cappelletti, Carmela Petti, Nicola Mondillo
Tutor: Diana Barra      Co-tutor: Giuseppe Aiello
Tutor: Pier Paolo Bruno        Co-tutor: Luigi Improta
Tutor: Domenico Calcaterra          Co-tutor: Diego Di Martire
Tutor: Giovanni Camanni        Co-tutor: Stefano Vitale 
Tutor: Piergiulio Cappelletti
Tutor: Ciro Cucciniello         Co-tutor: Leone Melluso
Tutors: Pantaleone De Vita, Vincenzo Allocca
Tutors: Valentino Di Donato        Co-tutor: Elda Russo Ermolli
Tutor: Rosa Di Maio       Co-tutor: Ester Piegari
Tutor: Rosa Di Maio         Co-tutor: Danilo Galluzzo
Tutor: Carlo Donadio       Co-tutor: Michele Arienzo
Tutor: Maurizio Fedi
Tutor: Giovanni Florio
Tutor: Alessandro Iannace
Tutor: Annamaria Lima
Tutor: Vincenzo Morra        Co-tutor: Alberto De Bonis
Tutor: Umberto Riccardi      Co-tutors: Jens Wickert (GFZ-Potsdam; TU-Berlin), U. Tammaro (INGV), C. Martino (INGV)
Tutor: Giacomo Russo
Tutor: Nicoletta Santangelo      Co-tutors: Antonio Santo (DiCEA-Unina), Niki Elvepidou (Univ. Atene)
Tutor: Nicola Scafetta

Tutor: Stefano Vitale   Co-tutor: Giovanni Camanni

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