Research areas and themes

Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences

Tectonics, Structural Geology and related Hazards
Tectonics, Structural Geology and related Hazards
Postgrads: Camilla Marino, Jacopo Natale
Main research areas
The main research areas of the research group are:
1)   Global and Regional Tectonics
2)   Structural Geology and Tectonophysics
3)   Volcano-tectonics and earthquake geology
A fundamental aspect of our research is a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates our expertise with different disciplines including stratigraphy, sedimentology, petrology, geochronology, geomorphology, geodesy, seismicity and marine geophysics. Within the three broad research areas, we are currently focused on investigating the following topics:
1) Global and Regional Tectonics
●     Structural and kinematic evolution of fold-and-thrust belts (collaboration with University of Benevento; University of Catania; University of Potenza; University of Barcelona; CSIC)
●     Tectonics of rift margins and strike-slip zones (collaboration with Aberdeen University; Dalhousie University, Louisiana State University; Edinburgh University; China University of Geosciences; Western Washington University)
●     Planetary Tectonics (collaboration with INAF-IAPS, Rome; University of Padua; The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)
2) Structural Geology and Tectonophysics
●     Fault zone structure, evolution, and petrography (collaboration with University College Dublin; University of Chieti; INGV-Rome)
●     Imaging of subsurface damage structure and their seismic expression (collaboration with University of Aberdeen; University of Stavanger; University of Bergen)
3) Volcano-tectonics and earthquake geology
●     Volcano-tectonic evolution of the Campanian volcanoes (collaboration with CNR-IAMC, Naples, INGV-Vesuvian Observatory, Naples; INGV-Pisa; University of Bremen; Kapodistrian University, Athens).
●     Parametrization of active faults
●     Paleoseismology


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