Research areas and themes

Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences

Geomorphology and geology of the quaternary
Geomorphology and geology of the quaternary

Main research topics:

  • Tectonic geomorphology and relief evolution, coastal geomorphology and marine terraces, karst geomorphology, active tectonics ( Alessandra Ascione, Prof. Nicoletta Santangelo, Dr Ettore Valente; Dr Ciro Cerrone)
  • Applied geomorphology: flash flood hazard, geomorphological mapping for territorial planning, geosites, geomorphosites and geotourism (Prof. Nicoletta Santangelo, Dr Ettore Valente)
  • Coastal and underwater geomorphology, underwater geoarcheology, geomorphology of urban areas (Prof. Carlo Donadio)
  • Morphodynamics of coastal and transitional environments, coastal managment, coastal hazard, coastal mapping for territorial planning, coastal geoarcheology (Prof. Micla Pennetta)
  • Geoarcheology: palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographical reconstructions in archeological sites; man/ environment interactions during the last millennia in Southern Italy (Dr Elda Russo Ermolli, Dr Valentino Di Donato)
  • Environmental and oceanographic evolution of Mediterranean sea during the Quaternary: integrated palaeo-ecologic analysis (pollens and foraminefera) of marine, transitional and continental stratigraphic successions, development and applications of computational analysis methodologies for paleoclimatic reconstructions (Dr Elda Russo Ermolli, Dr Valentino Di Donato)

Main collaborations:


National and Capodistrian University of Athens – Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment

CEREGE - Université d’Aix-Marseille

CIRCE, Caserta

Département Préhistoire, Museum National Histoire Naturelle, Paris

Dip. di Ingegneria Geotecnica ed ambientale (DIGA), Università di Napoli Federico II


Lehigh University, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Bethlehem, PA

MARUM, Bremen

Orto botanico di Napoli, Università di Napoli Federico II

Università Roma Tre - Laboratorio di Geochimica

Universitad Politécnica de Madrid

Universitat de Girona - Grup de Recerca en Estadística i Anàlisi de Dades Composicionals

Université de Lausanne - Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics

University of California, Berkeley

University of Patras, Dept. of Geology

Università Parthenope, Napoli


Palaeogeographic sketches showing the main evolutionary stages of the Campania and Sele plains along the Quaternary.


geomorfologia3Paleogeographic and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the S. Eufumia plain during Greek and Roman time



Submerged roman channel and arch



DEM morphometric analysis: rivers longitudinal profiles (Volturno river catchment)


Alluvial fan flooding susceptibility map  (Sala Consilina, SA)




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