Master of Science in
Geology and Applied Geology


The Master of Science in Geology and Applied Geology provides the tools necessary for acquiring knowledge and skills in all the main Earth Science branches. The master program uses the most advanced techniques of

data acquisition, analysis and interpretation to form a modern and flexible professional figure. The graduates can successfully find job placement in several fields, such as assessment of natural hazard (hydrogeological, volcanic, seismic), support to monitoring and management of natural and anthropic risk, subsurface exploration devoted to the sustainable use of natural resources and design of civil engineering works.

Furthermore, they may enter in the research world joining PhD research programs. The master program offers several exchange possibilities for internship and traineeship with international Universities (Erasmus program) and companies.


The two-years Master of Science program in Geology and Applied Geology aims at forming a professional figure with:

  • a deep background in the main Earth Science fields
  • a global view of the issues concerning the territorial setting
  • remarkable skills in standard and advanced geological, geophysical and geochemical techniques applied to environmental topics and to natural hazard assessment and management.

The distinctive feature of the Master of Science program is to complement frontal lessons with field trips, laboratory trainings and traineeships at public and private Companies and Research Institutes, along with internships at Italian and foreign Universities, mostly in the framework of Erasmus programs.

The Master of Science in Geology and Applied Geology at the University of Naples includes four paths focused on different main topics, even though a certain flexibility for the student to build his/her own path exists.


The unconditional admission to the Master of Science in Geology and Applied Geology is allowed to the students who gained a bachelor degree in Geology at University of Napoli Federico II and, in general, at any other Italian university. An internal DiSTAR committee decides about conditional admissions of students with a different Italian or foreign bachelor degree and indicates the specific courses needed to be completed before admission.


I laureati del corso di laurea magistrale in Geologia e Geologia Applicata trovano sbocchi professionali nei seguenti ambiti: cartografia geologica, telerilevamento e gestione di sistemi informativi territoriali, redazione di

piani per l'urbanistica, il territorio, l'ambiente e le georisorse, analisi, prevenzione e mitigazione dei rischi geologici, idrogeologici e ambientali, analisi, recupero e gestione di siti degradati e siti estrattivi dismessi, studi per la valutazione dell'impatto ambientale e la valutazione ambientale strategica, indagini geognostiche e geofisiche per l'esplorazione del sottosuolo, studi geologici applicati all'ingegneria e alla pericolosità ambientale, reperimento, valutazione e gestione delle risorse idriche e dei geomateriali d'interesse industrial

Thanks to the acquired skills, the graduates in Geology and Applied Geology can find job placements in:

  • remote sensing and GIS management
  • territorial, environmental and urban planning
  • retrieval and management of energy and mineral resources
  • environmental impact assessment
  • geological and geophysical exploration
  • engineering geology and environmental hazard assessment
  • recognition and management of water resources and of geomaterials for commercial and industrial applications
  • identification and management of polluted areas for risk analysis
  • assessment and prevention of degradation processes on cultural heritage
  • analysis and certification of geomaterials.


Through an admission test, the graduate students in Geology and Applied Geology can enter to PhD programs, second level specialising masters, specialisation schools in the main fields of geosciences, offered by national and international academic and research institutions.


4 Compulsory courses

36 CFU

flag it
Magmatism and Tectonic Settings
flag it
Geology Applied to Civil Engineering
flag it
Geophysical Data Modelling
en flag

4 Curriculum courses (All the courses must be chosen from the following four sub-paths):

24 CFU



Geochemical prospectingflag it
Metamorphic petrologyflag it
Economic Geology and Mineral Depositsflag it
Tephrostratigraphy en flag
Building stones for industrial usesen flag
Technological applications of industrial mineralsen flag
Geochemical site characterization and risk analysisen flag
Isotope geochemistry and its applicationsen flag
Environmental geochemistryen flag
Advanced methods in environmental risk assessment en flag


Balanced cross-sections en flag
Structural geology field course en flag
Geology of urban areaflag it
Field geology IIflag it
Facies and basin analysis en flag
Biostratigraphy en flag
Petroleum geology flag it
Palaeoecologyflag it
Integrated stratigraphy en flag
Subsurface geological interpretation en flag


Idrogeologia applicataflag it
Fotogeologia e cartografia tematicaflag it
Geomorfologia applicataflag it
GIS e pericolosità idro-geomorfologicaflag it
Dinamica e difesa delle costeflag it
Stabilità dei versantiflag it
Idrogeologia ambientaleflag it


Electromagnetic methods of geophysical exploration en flag
Seismology and seismic hazardflag it
Field geophysics en flag
Geological applications of gravity and magnetic methods en flag
Oceanography en flag
Seismic exploration methods for energy resources en flag
Seismic microzoning en flag
3 free-choice courses from a list available at                                   
18 CFU
Internship at Companies and Research Institutions
Team Project
Degree thesis*
30 CFU

* with acquisition of geological, geophysical and remote sensing field data, petrographic, geochemical, geotechnical and geophysical laboratory analyses.


The cousers are held at Monte Sant'Angelo Campus, Builing 10 (Naples), where also the library and the student bureau are located. You can reach the campus by bus from the Campi Flegrei metro station (Linea 2 Trenitalia), from Mostra station of Cumana railway and by several private buses from other towns in the neighborhoods of Naples

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