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AAS-ICP/OES Morra Monetti L1 4.LAB.56
Deionized water Monetti Monetti L1 4.LAB.54
Clean Room D’Antonio Di Renzo L1 4.LAB.47/48
Geomaterial characterization Colella Di Benedetto L2 T.LAB.03
Fine Chemistry 1 Parente Mondillo L1 4.LAB.77
Fine Chemistry 2 Balassone Francese L1 4.LAB.59
Chemistry 1 Aiello Monetti L3 3.LAB.31
Chemistry 2 Di Donato Monetti L3 3.LAB.08
Ovens and Muffle furnaces De Bonis Colella L2 T.LAB.04
FT-IR Izzo Francese L1 4.LAB.57
Environmental Geochemistry Albanese Albanese L3 3.LAB.10
Applied Geophysics 1 Di Maio La Manna L3 3.LAB.07
Applied Geophysics 2 Fedi Paoletti L2 T.LAB.18
Applied Geology and Geotechnics De Vita Di Clemente L2 T.LAB.13
ICP-OES Morra Monetti L1 4.LAB.55
Fluid and melt inclusions Rossi Lima L3 3.LAB.05
Meteorological Observatory Scafetta Viola San Marcellino
Optical Microscopy 1 Fedele Guarino L1 4.LAB.60
Optical Microscopy 2 Barra Monetti L1 4.LAB.58
Microscopy of sediments (Optical 3) Iannace Parente L3 1.LAB.15
Sample preparation Franciosi Francese L1 4.LAB.46
SEM Petrosino De Gennaro L2 T.LAB.06
Thin sections Vitale Bravi L2 T.LAB.15
Mass Spectrometry D’Antonio Di Renzo L1 4.LAB.52
Rock cutting and grinding Franciosi Bravi L2 T.LAB.16
Chemical treatment of sediments Russo Ermolli Russo Ermolli L3 3.LAB.29
Experimental Volcanology Petrosino Petrosino L3 3.LAB.21
Virtual MODEling Laboratory Repola      
XRD Cappelletti Monetti L2 T.LAB.05
XRF Cucciniello Fedele L2 T.LAB.07
Geomaterial characterization
Responsible: Dr. Abner Colella
Co-Responsible: Dr. Claudia DI Benedetto
Location: L2 T-03

The "Geomaterial characterization" laboratory is able to provide the complete physical-mechanical characterization of building stones. The laboratory performs tests according to national and international technical standards (NorMaL, UNI, UNI EN, ASTM, etc.).

Laboratory tests include:

  • Porosity and pore size distribution (macro-meso pores) by mercury intrusion;
  • Open porosity by means of helium intrusion;
  • Uniaxial compressive strength and flexural strength under concentrated load;
  • Abrasion resistance and rupture energy;
  • Water absorption with hydrostatic weighing;
  • Sound speed propagation (P-wave);
  • Expansion of rock specimens by total immersion in water (swelling test);
  • Resistance to ageing by salt mist;
  • Rockwell and Brinell hardness.

Laboratory equipment:

Mercury intrusion porosimeters THERMOFINNIGAN (Pascal 140/240/440 series)

Presses with MCC8 control unit to perform uniaxial compression and flexural tests CONTROLS C5600/50-C8232

Abrasion Tester CONTROLS 48-D0471

Multivolume helium pycnometer MICROMERETICS1305

Specific gravity frame MATEST V085

Portable unit for ultrasound investigation BOVIAR DSP UTD 1004

Prototype for swelling test LONOS TEST

Equipment for rupture energy LONOS TEST

Salt corrosion test chamber (500 l) F.lli GALLI CORROTEST

Hardness tester CISAM ERNST NR3 DSR

Explorer Pro EP613C Scale OHAUS

Scale ORMA TKW-30 +

Scale GIBERTINI Europe 1700

Hood ASALAIR 901

Fonocompact 2hp compressor (100C2MS series) TECNOARIA/CECCATO

Bench drill press VALEX TR13R








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