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Fault interaction, growth and linkage in active extensional settings

Dr Ioannis Papanikolaou
(Mineralogy and Geology Laboratory, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
UCL Hazard Research Centre, Department of Earth Sciences, University College London, UK)
6 lecture hours - 3 CFU
12-13 April/2016
The lessons will be held at DISTAR:
April, 13   15.00-16.30   Historical Librery
April, 14   13:30-15.30   Aula De Capoa  
April, 14   15:30-18.00   Aula De Capoa  
Prerequisites:  Structural Geology
Program of the Course:
·         Seismic Landscape and Earthquake Geology: Implications for seismic hazards and Catastrophe models
·         Fault nucleation and growth
·         Extensional Tectonics
·         Evolution of fault-controlled basins