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Geological risks

Dates February - March 2015 (to be fixed)

No formal prerequisite but basic knowledge on landslides, floods and hydrogeology, volcanology and environmental geochemistry (Master course level) will be assumed. Skill in the basic use of GIS software is welcomed.
Stefano Albanese (1 lecture - 3 hours)::
Environmental pollution and Geochemical Risk Assessment at regional and local scale in Campania.
Paola Petrosino (1 lecture - 3 hours):
Hazard and risk assessment in a complex multi-source volcanic area: the example of the Campania region, Italy.
Domenico Calcaterra (1 lecture - 2 hours):
Landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk assessment: methods and applications
Pantaleone De Vita (1 lecture - 2 hours):
Flood risk assessment: methods and applications
Silvia Fabbrocino (1 lecture - 2 hours):
Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution: methods and applications