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Geological modeling using cellular automata


Dr. Ester Piegari

 12 lecture hours – 3 CFU

 October-November 2014


The lessons will be held at Room M2, via Mezzocannone 8 

November, 7    13:30:16:30
November, 14  13:30:16:30
November, 21  13:30:16:30
November, 28  13:30:16:30


Prerequisites: No mathematics beyond basic algebra is required.


Program of the Course:

  • Discrete Dynamical Systems
  • Fractals:
  • Power laws and Long Tails
  • Cellular Automata (CA)
  • Applications: the sandpile model and self-organized criticality; SOC in landslides; diffusion-limited aggregation models and drainage networks; earthquakes as a complex system - fractal distributions in magnitude, space and time; slider-block models; steady-state heat flow.