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Metallic Georesources in the Mediterranean Realm

Prof. Maria Boni

12 lecture hours – 3 CFU

January-February 2015 (to be fixed)


Prerequisites: geological knowledge of the Mediterranean realm, as well as a general expertise of mineralogy and geochemistry applied to ore deposits. 


Program of the Course:

  • Introduction to Metallic Georesources
  • History of mineral exploitation in Mediterranean realm
  • Geological elements of the Mediterraean realm in relation to typical ore deposits
  • Ore deposits of the Mediterranean realm, subdivided into tectonic blocks and regions
  • Ore deposits associated with Hercynian and Alpine magmatism
  • VMS, Sedex and MVT mineralizations
  • Base metals, barite and fluorite hydrothermal veins
  • Mineralizations associated with weathering  (Ni-laterites, bauxites etc.)
  • Ore deposits and metamorphism