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Nunziata, C., Costanzo M.R.


Low Vs crustal zones in the Campanian Plain (Southern Italy)

Mineralogy and Petrology, 100, 215-225, 2010




Shear wave velocities of the lithospheric structure up to 73 km depth have been defined along 3 profiles crossing the Campanian Plain (Southern Italy) from the simultaneous non linear inversion of the local and regional dispersion data. The former consist of group velocity dispersion data obtained from some seismic events which occurred at the borders of the Campanian Plain and recorded at Napoli, and the latter of group and phase dispersion data obtained in previous studies. The main features of the representative VS models are a carbonate basement deepening to ~5 km in the central part of the Plain and a low velocity zone at a depth of ~15 km, rising to 7 km in the southern part, close to Somma-Vesuvio. The low velocity layer can be correlated with that found at ~10 km of depth below Campi Flegrei and the Neapolitan area, and at 5 km below the Somma-Vesuvio caldera area. Such regional velocity reduction can be associated to the presence of a zone with less than 5% partial melting that can be interpreted as magmatic reservoir of the Campanian volcanism.




DOI 10.1007/s00710-010-0129-3