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A. Mazzarella(1),  A. Giuliacci (1) and I. Liritzis (2) (2010)


On the 60-month cycle of Multivariate ENSO Index

(1) Meteorological Observatory

Department of Earth Science – University of Naples Federico II

Largo S. Marcellino 10, 80138 Naples, Italy


(2) Laboratory of Archaeometry, Dept. of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, 85100, Greece (liritzis@rhodes.aegean.gr)




Many point indices have been developed to describe El Niño/Southern Oscillation but the Multivariate El Niño  Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Index (MEI) is considered the most representative since it links six different meteorological parameters measured over the tropical Pacific. Spectral analysis with appropriate data reduction techniques of monthly values of MEI (1950-2008) has allowed the identification of a large 60-month cycle, statistically confident at a level larger than 99%. The highest values of MEI (typical of El Niño events) and the lowest values of MEI (typical of La Niña events) are concordant with respective maxima and minima values of the identified 60-month cycle.  


 Key words:  ENSO, MEI, El Niño, La Niña, PC analysis


Pubblicato http://www.springerlink.com/content/x365613765247648/


DOI: 10.1007/s00704-009-0159-0