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Interdisciplinary Research about Bourbon's Architectural Heritage: the Case-study of the Immacolatella in Naples


V. Russo2, P. Cappelletti2, S. Pollone1 and C. Di Benedetto2


1 Department of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II, Napoli, Italy
2 Department of Earth Sciences, Environment and Resources, University of Naples Federico II, Napoli, Italy
Restoration of Buildings and Monuments
Bauinstandsetzen und Baudenkmalpflege
Vol. 20, No. 1, 25–48 (2014)

image001The Immacolatella building in the port of Naples is one of the last examples of the modern planning supported by Charles III in order to make Naples the new capital of the Spanish Reign of Bourbon in mid-18th
century. It is a very important symbol in the Neapolitan memory of the emigration to the United States in early 1900s. Despite its historical value, the building is affected by severe decay due to both negligence and weathering, which are caused by its onshore location. This paper shows the results of interdisciplinary research undertaken in the University of Naples with the aim of giving a preliminary knowledge for its preservation. By means of historical sources and mensio-chronological analyses, the building development was retraced. Moreover, laboratory tests were carried out in order to collect information about geomaterials. The collected data show the high vulnerabilities of this Royal building and the need to create a multidisciplinary strategy for its preservation.


Keywords: Monument; Construction history; Geomaterials; Diagnostic; Restoration.