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Capriglione C., De Bonis A, De Tommaso G., Guarino V., Iuliano M., Marino D., Morra V., Pacciarelli M (2012).


Grandi dolii protostorici d’impasto dalla Calabria centromeridionale. Contributo allo studio cronotipologico, tecnologico e funzionale.


RIVISTA DI SCIENZE PREISTORICHE, vol. 62, p. 331-362, ISSN: 0035-6514,

doi: 10.1400/206940



dolii preistorici
A high number of fragments of large protohistoric impasto pithoi has been found in several sites in the area, and mainly in Serre di Altilia (central Calabria). These fragments have been studied with other pithoi from Tropea (southern Calabria), in order to reconstruct their forms, typology, chronology, technology and function. It has been possible to define five types, with chronologies that may vary from the Final Bronze to the Early Iron Age, and with parallels in several sites of Southern Italy, in Sicily and at Lipari. Petrografic analyses on fragments from Central Calabria have shown a quite variable production, locally and/or regionally made. Chemical analyses have been also performed on two residue samples, in order to identify what kind of foodstuff was originally stored in these pithoi. The results of the analyses show the presence of terpenoid resins, such as Pistacia or Pinus, which may suggest the presence of wine.