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 E. Causa,Corresponding author contact information,E-mail the corresponding authorM. ParentebV. VicedocG. FrijiadR. Martíneza

Broeckina gassoensis sp. nov., a larger foraminiferal index fossil for the middle Coniacian shallow-water deposits of the Pyrenean Basin (NE Spain)

a Departament de Geologia (Paleontologia), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

bDiSTAR, Università di Napoli “Federico II”, Italy

cMuseu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (Paleontologia), Barcelona

dInstitut für Erd- und Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Potsdam, Germany

Volume 45, October 2013, Pages 76–90

DOI:  10.1016/j.cretres.2013.08.002

1-s2.0-S0195667113001201-gr2The Upper Cretaceous shallow-water carbonates of the Pyrenean Basin (NE Spain) host rich and diverse larger foraminiferal associations which witness the recovery of this group of protozoans after the dramatic extinction of the Cenomanian–Turonian boundary interval. In this paper a new, large discoidal porcelaneous foraminifer, Broeckina gassoensis sp. nov., is described from the middle Coniacian shallow-water deposits of the Collada Gassó Formation, in the Bóixols Thrust Sheet. This is the first complex porcelaneous larger foraminifer of the Late Cretaceous global community maturation cycle recorded in the Pyrenean bioprovince. It differs from the late Santonian–early Campanian B. dufrenoyi for its smaller size in A and B generations and the less developed endoskeleton, which shows short septula. Broeckina gassoensis sp. nov. has been widely employed as a stratigraphic marker in the regional geological literature, under the name of “Broeckina”, but its age was so far controversial. Its middle Coniacian age (lowermost part of the Peroniceras tridorsatum ammonite zone), established in this paper by strontium isotope stratigraphy, indicates that it took about 5 My after the Cenomanian–Turonian boundary crisis to re-evolve the complex test architecture of larger foraminifera, which is functional to their relation with photosymbiotic algae and K-strategy.


  • Larger Foraminifera
  • Biostratigraphy
  • Strontium isotope stratigraphy
  • Coniacian
  • Pyrenees
  • Spain