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Models of the Formation of the 29 February 2016 New Spatter Cone Inside Mount Nyiragongo 14-12-18 45
Insights on the seismotectonics of the western part of northern Calabria (southern Italy) by integrated geological and geophysical data: coexistence of shallow extensional and deep strike-slip kinematics 13-12-18 35
Late Holocene co-seismic uplifts along the coasts of the Calabrian Arc: an appraisal based on raised paleoshorelines 11-12-18 35
Characterization of building materials from the Anfiteatro Flavio (Pozzuoli, southern Italy): a mineralogical and petrographic study 09-11-18 153
The Cristal Zn prospect (Amazonas region, Northern Peru). Part II: An example of supergene enrichment in tropical areas 17-09-18 169
Non-isothermal momentum transfer and ground displacements rate at Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy) 17-09-18 166
Hybrid gravimetry monitoring of Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen geothermal sites (Alsace, France) 29-08-18 189
The Cristal Zinc prospect (Amazonas region, northern Peru). Part I: New insights on the sulfide mineralization in the Bongará 14-06-18 281
Surface-modified phillipsite-rich tuff from the Campania region (southern Italy) as a promising drug carrier: An ibuprofen sodium salt trial 23-05-18 295
C–O Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Carbonate Minerals in the Nonsulfide Zinc Deposits of the Middle East: A Review 17-05-18 301
Sr-Nd isotopic fingerprint as a tool for ceramic provenance: its application on raw materials, ceramic replicas and ancient pottery 11-05-18 320
The magmatic evolution and genesis of the Quaternary basanite-trachyphonolite suite of Itasy (Madagascar) as inferred by geochemistry, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes and trace element distribution in coexisting phases 09-05-18 333
C-O Stable Isotopes Geochemistry of Tunisian Nonsulfide Zinc Deposits: A First Look 30-04-18 292
Tracing Fire in Early European Prehistory: Microcharcoal Quantification in Geological and Archaeological Records from Molise (Southern Italy) 06-04-18 411
Identification of Zn-Bearing Micas and Clays from the Cristal and Mina Grande Zinc Deposits (Bongará Province, Amazonas Region, Northern Peru) 09-03-18 352
The Cryogenian Ghaub Formation of Namibia – New insights into Neoproterozoic glaciations 16-02-18 445
An 8300-yr record of environmental and cultural changes in the Sant’Eufemia Plain (Calabria, Italy) 14-02-18 459
La variabilità del Sole ed i limiti dei modelli climatici 01-02-18 480
Cultural noise and the night-day asymmetry of the seismic activity recorded at the Bunker-East (BKE) Vesuvian Station 12-01-18 487
Vesuvianite from the Somma-Vesuvius Complex: New Data and Revised Formula 22-12-17 538
Taphonomy and evolution of Lower Jurassic lithiotid bivalve accumulations in the Apennine Carbonate Platform (southern Italy) 22-11-17 628
Natural climate variability, part 2: Interpretation of the post 2000 temperature standstill 08-11-17 677
Ancient-depleted and enriched mantle lithosphere domains in northern Madagascar: geochemical and isotopic evidence from spinel-to-plagioclase-bearing ultramafic xenoliths 16-10-17 717
Natural climate variability, part 1: Observations versus the modeled predictions 05-10-17 746
Geochemical and Pb isotopic characterization of soil, groundwater, human hair, and corn samples from the Domizio Flegreo and Agro Aversano area (Campania region, Italy) 05-10-17 804
Interplay between sea level rise and tectonics in the Holocene evolution of theSt. Eufemia Plain (Calabria, Italy) 20-09-17 700
Environmental Geochemistry: Site Characterization, Data Analysis and Case Histories 14-09-17 707
A nation-wide system for landslide mapping and risk management in Italy: The second Not-ordinary Plan of Environmental Remote Sensing 04-09-17 753
The Vesuvius and the other volcanoes of Central Italy 25-07-17 989
Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete 10-07-17 940
Wavelet analysis of remote sensing and discharge data for understanding vertical ground movements in sandy and clayey terrains of the Po Delta area (Northern Italy) 06-07-17 835
The Karst-Hosted Mina Grande Nonsulfide Zinc Deposit, Bongará District (Amazonas Region, Peru) 19-06-17 848
Evaluation of the amount of rare earth elements in the Silius fluorite vein system (SE Sardinia, Italy) 12-06-17 977
The Neapolitan Yellow Tuff: An outstanding example of heterogeneity 08-06-17 1087
Unglazed pottery from the masjed-i jom’e of Isfahan (Iran): technology and provenance 17-05-17 1016
Beyond Vitruvius: New Insight in the Technology of Egyptian Blue and Green Frits 17-05-17 856
Different shades of red: The complexity of mineralogical and physico-chemical factors influencing the colour of ceramics 17-05-17 850
Critical metals distribution in Tethyan karst bauxite: The Cretaceous Italian ores 05-04-17 943
New CeO isotopic data on supergene minerals from the Skorpion and Rosh Pinah ore deposits (Namibia): Genetic and paleoclimatic constraints 13-02-17 1080
U–Pb ages, geochemistry, C–O–Nd–Sr–Hf isotopes and petrogenesis of the Catalão II carbonatitic complex (Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, Brazil): implications for regional‑scale heterogeneities in the Brazilian carbonatite associations 23-11-16 1360
40Ar/39Ar ages of alkaline and tholeiitic rocks from the northern Deccan Traps: implications for magmatic processes and the K–Pg boundary 18-11-16 1245
Effects of anthropogenic activities in a Mediterranean coastland: the case study of the Falerno-Domitio littoral in Campania, Tyrrhenian Sea (southern Italy) 18-11-16 1192
Post-failure evolution analysis of a rainfall-triggered landslide by multi-temporal interferometry SAR approaches integrated with geotechnical analysis 16-11-16 1295
Use of DInSAR data for multi-level vulnerability assessment of urban settings affected by slow-moving and intermittent landslides 16-11-16 1295
25 years of satellite InSAR monitoring of ground instability and coastal geohazards in the archaeological site of Capo Colonna, Italy 16-11-16 1106
Problems in Modeling and Forecasting Climate Change: CMIP5 General Circulation Models versus a Semi-Empirical Model Based on Natural Oscillations 10-11-16 1153
Local Warming in Historical Center of Naples 10-11-16 1059
Bauxite and Nickel-Cobalt Lateritic Deposits of the Tethyan Belt 10-11-16 1420
Atlante geochimico - ambientale dei suoli della Campania 10-11-16 1380