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Cognome e nome Joanna Jamka
Email joannamagdalena.jamka@unina.it
Area di Ricerca Paleoecology
Tutor Prof. Valentino Di Donato
Co-Tutor Prof. Marco Sacchi (CNR-IAMC), Prof. Josep A. Martin-Fernandez (University of Girona, Spain)
Titolo della Tesi Integrated reconstruction of high resolution of climat changes in holeocene using CoDA methods of analysis (Ricostruzione integrata ad alta risoluzione dei cambiamenti climatici olocenici mediante tecniche di analisi CoDA.)
In collaboration with IAMC (L'Istituto per l'Ambiente Marino Costiero, CNR) and University of Girona (statistical methods) our aim will be to reconstruct paleoenvironment of the Holocene in the Gulf of Naples. It will be the result of interplay between climatic changes, environmental changes and volcanic activities in the study area. To obtain this we will use quantitative analysis of planktonic and benthic Foraminifera from marine cores, radiocarbon dating on selected samples (stable isotope 13C and 18O), granulometric analysis, tephrostratigraphy, seismic profiles, sea bottom morphology, and as well sedimentation rate, analyzed by the CoDA statistic method (compositional data analysis).