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Ecosystem response to Quaternary climate changes and implications for early human dispersal

Dr Elda Russo Ermolli

12-hour lecture – 3 CFU
December 2016
The lessons will be held at Room G4 Largo San Marcellino, 10  
1)      December 14, 14.30-17.30
2)      December 16, 10-13
3)      December 19, 10-13
4)      December 21 2016 9.30-13.30 p.m. - Field trip to the Roman villa at Oplontis (Torre Annunziata) in conjunction with prof. Paola Petrosino.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Quaternary geology and stratigraphy
Short Program of the Course:
  • Climate changes along the Quaternary period
  • Main climatic proxies and their application
  • The main steps of hominin diffusion in Europe