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Economic Geology of Natural Resources

Roberto Gambini

12 lecture hours – 3 CFU
Room GEO 01
May 2018
The lectures will be held in Room GEO 01
1)      7 May 10-13
2)      7 May 14-17
3)      8 May 10-13
4)      8 May 14-17
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of mineralogy, geochemistry, petrography.
Short Program of the Course:Course of Economic Geology of Natural Resources
The course is primarily designed to provide to the attendees an understanding of the  economic aspects of the exploitation of the natural resources.
The course will focus mainly on the oil&gas business and on the overall energy sector providing an in depth description from the inside point of view.
During the course will be also debated the ethics and role of the geologist in the society/industry.
During the course will be treated the following topics:
Energy -Oil&Gas
Concept of the reserves and resources
Evaluation of reserves and resources according to SEC and PRMS
Project evaluation
Different type of license agreement (US lease system, royalties, production sharing, buy back etc.)
Governance of the JV (the AIPN joint operating agreement)
Portfolio analysis and management
Definition of a E&P strategy
Cases history
Energy - Geothermal
Concept of resources and their evaluation
Geothermal energy in the world
Energy World - an overview
Theory of the pick oil and its criticisms
Oil Vs Gas business
The shale gas revolution
The renewable revolution
Is the end of the oil era started? An answer for inside
Role and ethics of the geologist in the industry