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Cognome e nome Equbamariam Yemane
Email yemanekelemework.equbamariam@unina.it
Area di Ricerca Geophysics/Applied Geophysics
Tutor Maurizio Fedi
Co-Tutor Nicola Pajola (Eni)
Titolo della Tesi Integrated analysis of gravity and magnetic data in Southern Italy, for estimating the geothermal potential
Integrated analysis of gravity, magnetic and heat flow data to obtain a comprehensive evaluation/ assessment of geothermal potential in Southern Italy. The gravity data analysis is based on a non-linear and non-iterative 3D potential field method which may enable us to determine the depth to the top or to the bottom and density of 3D homogenous sources from its gravity anomalies using a priori information from at least two depth constraints.
Estimation of depth to the Curie temperature using power spectrum analysis of magnetic/aeromagnetic data by considering fractal behavior of crustal magnetization.