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Vollmer Collection


Ronald Vollmer (1942) is a German-born geologist [biography]. He worked from 1970 to 1995 in the field of isotope-geochemistry, specialising on potassic volcanism and in particular Italian volcanism and Vesuvius [bibliography].
After retiring from the Department of Earth Science - University of Leeds in 1995, he donated his personal archive to the Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, delle Risorse e dell’Ambiente (DiSTAR) - Università di Napoli Federico II.


1986 Gargnano-1

 R. Vollmer at the Summer School in Gargnano, 1986
Vollmer’s papers include preliminary materials and manuscripts of published articles, chemical analysis, notebooks, scientific projects, and letters from/to institutions and colleagues from all over the world.
All the items are available to readers on request. Please contact the librarian [lutufano@unina.it].