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Snapshots of climate variability: Improving methods for tracing seasonal and sub-annual variability in deep time using skeletal hardparts 11-11-19 53
Controls on Reservoir Quality and Reservoir architecture of Early Cretaceous carbonates in an Abu Dhabi Onshore Field 11-11-19 52
Displacement Linkage and Deformation-Rate Change within a Continental Shear Zone 17-09-19 349
Global Climate Change: Componenti antropica e naturale a confronto 07-06-19 217
Postglacial Relative Sea-Levels from near- to intermediate-field regions. A key tool to quantify the on-going isostatic signal along global coastlines 31-05-19 218
Imperial Barrel Award 2019 30-05-19 236
Geohazards along Christiana-Santorini-Kolumbo rift (Greece) 06-05-19 254
Extinctions and LIPs: Sedimentary geochemistry of the end-Permian and Late Triassic events 20-03-19 257
Submarine mass transport deposits: processes and products from an outcrop perspective 13-03-19 273
Recruiting 07-02-19 339
Workshop Il piano nazionale delle Cinque Terre 17-01-19 334
Geoscience Business Skills Program 16-01-19 747
EARTH OBSERVATION for geohazards monitoring, modelling & management 11-12-18 512
I terremoti dell’estate-autunno 2016 in Italia Centrale: nuove prospettive per la valutazione della pericolosità sismica 28-11-18 485
Grotta Romanelli: storie di mondi scomparsi 06-11-18 410
Porphyry Copper Deposits: Field criteria for Exploration and Resource Potential Evaluation 10-10-18 404
Life as an Exploration Geologist: What you need to know! 10-10-18 431
Carbon cycle and climate response to astronomical forcing during the past 35 m.y. 28-09-18 740
Search and use of Lunar and Martian simulants in modern planetary research 24-09-18 410
Some compositional tecniques in Geochemistry 11-06-18 593
Estimation of selected global effects influence on the evaluation of Bouguer anomaly in gravimetry 03-05-18 760
Imperial Barrel Award 10-04-18 657
The impact of mining on the environment and surface drainage at the Zambian Copperbelt 03-04-18 829
L'importanza delle conoscenze geologico-applicative per la progettazione ingegneristica in aree urbane: l'esempio di Milano 03-04-18 550
Modern vs ancient controls on sedimentary systems; the present is not always the key to the past 14-03-18 645
Modeling permeability of carbonate reservoirs 14-03-18 586
Investigating the role of oceanography in past greenhouse climates using neodymium isotopes 14-03-18 544
Mechanisms of differentiation in the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland 09-03-18 777
The 3-D Magnetotelluric Array Revolution 22-02-18 713