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Structural Geology

The main research topics in structural geology and tectonics include: (i) the various styles and modes of deformation characterizing the different parts of orogenic belts; (ii) exhumation and uplift processes, and extensional tectonics in different geodynamic settings; (iii) seismotectonics and active tectonics; (iv) fractured reservoirs; (v) fault/shear zone nucleation and growth processes. Such topics are analyzed by means of a multi-disciplinary approach involving the integration of structural data with various data-sets related with the fields of stratigraphy, petrology, geochronology, thermochronometry, geomorphology, geodesy and geophysics. The research activities have been carried out in cooperation with research groups and scientists from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Poland, as well as numerous Italian institutions (e.g. Protezione Civile) and with the oil industry (e.g. Shell).
The research topics include:
– deformation processes at various scales within the framework of the tectonic evolution of mountain belts and basins particularly, but not exclusively, in the Alpine-Mediterranean area (e.g. Apennines, Betic Cordillera, Carpathians);
– fault/shear zone nucleation and growth processes based on field studies (e.g. Machu Picchu, Peru; Tauern Window, Eastern Alps) as well as mathematical modelling;
– normal fault architecture, extensional tectonics and its relationships with volcanism (e.g. rift zone of central-north Iceland);
–quantitative analysis of ductile (both intra- and inter-crystalline) and brittle (fracture network development, structural permeability and role of mechanical stratigraphy) deformation mechanisms in carbonate rocks, based on the integration of meso- and micro-structural data (including SEM and TEM investigations) with facies analysis, diagenesis and petrophisics;
– seismotectonic analysis and paleosismological studies of active faults;
–quantitative study of vertical movements, exhumation, crustal deformation and their geodinamic context.
Main active collaborations
University of Granada, SPAIN (Agustin Martin-Algarra); Curtin University of Technology, Perth, AUSTRALIA (Steven Reddy); University of Victoria, CANADA (Stephen Johnston); University of New Brunswick, CANADA (Joe White); Warsaw Geophysical Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND (Rafal Szaniawski); Polish Geological Survey, Cracovia,POLAND(Leszek Jankowski); University of Aberdeen, UK (Robert Butler); University of Tangier, MOROCCO (Mohamed Najib Zaghloul); University of Texas, Dallas, USA (John Oldow); Australian National University, Canberra, AUSTRALIA (Kurt Lambeck); DEOS, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft, The NETHERLANDS (Paolo Stocchi); CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE (Lucile Benedetti); University of Padua (Massimiliano Zattin); University of Roma Tre (Sveva Corrado); University of Roma La Sapienza (Sabina Bigi); University of Camerino (Chiara Invernizzi, Emanuele Tondi, Eugenio Turco); University of Urbino (Vincenzo Perrone, Stefano Santini, Daniele Savelli); University of Catania (Carmelo Monaco); University of Palermo (Attilio Sulli, Fabrizio Pepe); University of Trieste (Francesco Fanucci); University of Cagliari (Paolo Orrù); INGV Roma (Pierfrancesco Burrato, Claudio Chiarabba, Luigi Improta, Antonella Megna); INGV Catania (Mario Mattia); ENEA, Special Project Global Climate, Roma, (Fabrizio Antonioli); IAMC-CNR, Napoli (Salvatore Passaro, Marina Iorio); Istituto di Metodologie Avanzate per l’Analisi Ambientale, CNR, Tito (Sabatino Piscitelli, Erwan Gueguen); Total E&P Italia (Vincenzo Spina); Petroceltic (Peter Shiner); Edison Milan (Francesco Borraccini); Shell Italia E&P (Carlos Pirmez, Maurizio Giorgioni, Cristoph Strauss).
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