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De Bonis A., Guarino V., Minissale S., Rocco I.

Petrology and Petrography are two intimately related disciplines aimed at the description and the classification of the rocks and at the definition of their genetic processes. These disciplines are based on the use of a great variety of tools, ranging from the very simple hammar and hand lens, to the more comlex polarizig microscope and to extremely sophisticated devices such as electron microprobes, mass spectrometers and laboratory equipment capable of reproducing the physical conditions characterizing the interiors of the Earth. The main goal of the reaserch studies in Petrology and Petrography is to provide an understanding of the causes for the great diversity of the rocks found on the surface (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) and to try to obtain some insights on the nature of the rocks and processes which characterize the deepest portions of the Earth that are not accessible to direct observation.
The DiSTAR research group in Petrology and Petrography is involved in numerous research studies dealing mainly with the study of the genesis of igneous (and subordinately metamorphic) rocks occurring in numerus areas all over the world. The main reserach topics are listed below.


GM 51

The Cenozoic magmatism of Sardinia (late Eocene-middle Miocene cycle with calcalkaline/tholeiitic affinity and Middle Miocene-Quaternary cycle, with alkaline/tholeiitic affinity).: petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry (major and trace elements, Sr-Nd-Pb-O-Hf-Os isotope systematics); modeling of low-pressure evolutionary processes; characterization of mantle sources. The Campi Flegrei volcanic field: geochronology (40Ar/39Ar and 14C dating), chemostratigraphy and petrochemistry of the juvenile products with potassic alkaline affinity (from saturated to weakly silica undersaturated); modeling of low-pressure evolutionary processes; characterization of the magmatic feeder system.

The Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex: petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of the volcanic products with potassic alcaline affinity of (from weakly to strongly silica undersaturated); modeling of low-pressure evolutionary processes; characterization of the magmatic feeder system and mantle sources.

JS2 cp

Petrography, mineralogy and petrochemistry of products of other Italian volcanic districts (e.g., Mount Vulture, Roccamonfina, Alban Hills, Pontine Islands) with calcalkaline/potassic alkaline affinità (from weakly to strongly silica undersaturated): modeling of low-pressure evolutionary processes; characterization of the mantle sources.

The Miocene magmatism of Eastern Carpathians: petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry, modeling of low-pressure evolutionary processes and definition of the relationships between tectonic regime and magmatism for the calcalkaline products of the Rodna-Bârgău subvolcanic district.

Petrogenesis and magmatic evolution of continental flood basalts (Large Igneous Provinces (CFBs/LIPs) related to the fragmentation of Gondwana (Deccan Traps, Madagascar, Antarctica, Paraná, Angola, Mozambique): petrology of the intrusive products (alkaline and tholeiitic intrusive complexes and dike swarms); paleogeopraphy of continental blocks/fragments linked to Gondwana. (Brazil, India, Madagascar, Seychelles, South Africa and Antarctica).

Petrogenesis, tectonic setting and emplacement of the products of the alkaline magmatism of African rift, southern Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar and India: petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry (major and trace elements, Sr-Nd-Pb isotope systematics); modeling of low-pressure evolutionary processes; characterization of the mantle sources.

Petrogenesis and geochemical evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath Sardinia, Madagascar and Brazil through the study of ultramafic xenoliths and xenocrysts in alkaline lavas and kimberlites.

Petrography and geochemistry of Precambrian volcanic dikes in southern India (Dharwar Craton) and Precambrian high-grade metamorphism in northeastern India (Shillong Plateau). 


Main partnerships:

Università di Roma La Sapienza (Prof. Michele Lustrino); Università di Firenze (Prof. Sandro Conticelli); Università di Pavia e CNR, Pavia (Prof. Riccardo Vannucci, Dr. M. Tiepolo, Dr. A. Zanetti); IAMC (Dr. Donatella Insinga); USGS, Menlo Park (Dr. Andy Calvert); Università di San Paolo del Brasile (Prof. C. B Gomes, Prof. E. Ruberti, Prof. C. Tassinari); USGS, Reston (Dr. R. D. Tucker); COAS Oregon State University (Prof. Robert Duncan); Indian Institute of Technology, India (Prof. H. C. Sheth, Prof. D. Chandrasekharam); Università di Leoben, Austria (Dr. T. Meisel); Università di Cape Town, Sudafrica (Prof. A.P. le Roex) ; Università di Roskilde, Danimarca (Dr. M. Storey) ; Università di Benares, India (Prof. R.K. Srivastava) ; Università di Cambridge, UK (Dr. C. M. Petrone); Università di Maputo (Prof. L. Vasconcelos); Università di Curtin (Dr. Fred Jourdan);, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Prof. Fu-Yuan Wu); Institute of Geodynamics of Romanian Academy, Bucarest, Romania (Dr. Ioan Seghedi).


Recent publications:


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