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Petroleum Geology

Research Group
Alessandro Iannace (Responsible) – Sedimentologo dei carbonati
Stefano Mazzoli – Geologo strutturale
Mariano Parente – Stratigrafo, Sedimentologo dei carbonati, Micropaleontologo
Stefano Tavani – Geologo strutturale
Stefano Vitale – Geologo strutturale
The expertise of the research group allows for an effective integration of well-established methods of structural analysis and workflows with stratigraphic, sedimentological, facies and diagenetic – including dolomitization – studies. Full in-house petrophysics laboratories also provide the opportunity to carry out He- porosimetry, mercury injection porosimetry (MIP), petrographic image analysis (PIA) of porosity. Well-established links with external laboratories may be used to integrate organic petrology (optical and fluorescence microscopy) and geochemistry with TOC, Rock Eval pyrolysis and GC-MS of extracted organic matter. Critical reappraisal of internal oil industry reports is also carried out routinely as a part of the collaborative work with oil companies.
The structural geology unit includes expertise in the fields of: (i) integration of surface geology with seismic lines tied with well logs for the construction, validation and restoration of balanced cross-sections, and their incorporation into balanced 3D models; (ii) tectonic evolution of the outer sectors of orogenic systems; (iii) development and inversion of passive margins; (iv) reverse and strike-slip reactivation of inherited structures; (v) interactions between tectonics and sedimentation; (vi) nucleation and development of fault-related folds, in both compressional and extensional settings; (vii) analysis of fault size, displacement and kinematics, and characterization of fault damage zones; (viii) analysis of the distribution and characteristics (e.g. orientation, spacing, aperture, length, connectivity) of fracture sets at various scales in fractured reservoirs and their analogues; and (ix) development of software for structural data analysis.
The carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy unit includes expertise in the fields of: (i) sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of carbonate depositional systems; (ii) stratigraphy and facies of Meso-Cenozoic carbonate platforms and basins of the peri-Adriatic area; (iii) carbonate diagenesis; (iv) carbonate geochemistry;  (v) petrographic and geochemical characterization of dolomites; (vi) carbonate reservoir characterization; (vii) description of cores and thin sections of carbonates and evaporites; (ix) micropaleontology and biostratigraphy of shallow- and deep-water carbonates; (x) carbon- and strontium-isotope stratigraphy.
Facilities available at the University of Naples Federico II:
–Fully equipped thin section preparation lab (with expert, dedicated personnel).
–Microscopes (incident, transmitted and reflected light and cathodoluminescence) equipped with Image Analysis
–Petrophysics lab (including He and Hg porosimeter).
–SEM with EDS probe
–XR Fluorescence
- Integrated study of petroleum systems in Mediterranean and Middle East fold and thrust belts - Edison/Exploration & Production.
- An integrated study of petroleum systems and hydrocarbon potential of Triassic-Jurassic successions in the Zagros Mountains of the Lurestan Area, W-NW Iran. National Iranian Oil company.
- An integrated study of the potential reservoir rocks of the Ionian zone of the Hellenides (western Greece) - Hellenic Petroleum and Edison/Exploration & Production.
–Fractured dolomitized Cretaceous platform carbonates and intra-platform basins: an integrated study of reservoir and source rocks analogues applied to the Basilicata oil fields – Shell
–Field workshop in the northern Apennines (Marche) to examine analogues to the Kurdistan oil fields – Maersk Oil
–Dolomitized Cretaceous platform carbonates of the southern Apennines: applying field analogue results to the Tempa rossa reservoir – Shell
–Characterization (sedimentology, diagenesis, petrophysics) of middle Cretaceous dolomitized limestones of the southern Apennines as an analogue for the Val d’Agri reservoir – Shell
–The Cenomanian-Turonian carbonates of Kefalonia (Ionian islands, Greece) – The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE
–The Cretaceous slope-to-basin carbonates of the Gargano promontory – Petroceltic
–Stratigraphy, sedimentology and reservoir characterization of the Maiolica of the Elsa 1 well (south Adriatic sea) – Petroceltic
–Workshop on Exploration issues related with the Triassic Petroleum System, Malta – RWA DEA
–Workshop on Hydrothermal Dolomitization Reservoirs: characteristics, genesis and prediction, Bilbao – STATOIL
–Geological mapping and sections across Val d’Agri, aimed at the contruction of a velocity model – Shell
–Construction of a 3D model of the Val d’Agri reservoirs – Shell
–Balanced cross-sections of the Western Carpathians– ENI
–Stratigraphy, structure, and thermal maturity of the Paleozoic successions of the Carpathian foreland (Poland-Ukarine) – ENI
–Workshop on Exploration issues in the Carpathians fold and thrust belt – Polish Oil & Gas Company PGNiG SA
–Balanced cross-sections of the Sicani Mountains, central-western Sicily – Edison
–Geological study of the Settecerri block, Marche-Abruzzi, central Apennines – Enterprise Oil
–Seismic interpretation and structural analysis in the Tempa Rossa oil field area – Enterprise oil
–Fractures and fault zones in carbonate successions of Val d’Agri – Enterprise oil
–Regional geological sections integrating seismic lines and surface geology across the southern Apennines – Enterprise Oil
–Geological study of the Torrente Frido block, Basilicata, southern Apennines – Enterprise Oil
–Regional geological sections across western Sicily – Enterprise Oil
–Revision of the stratigraphy of the Apulian Carbonate Platform from subsurface and outcrop data – Enterprise oil
–Fracture prediction in the Alga field (Spain) – Repsol-YPF
–Development of new technologies for the exploration of fractured reservoirs – Repsol Ypf
–Structural/fracture modelling study of Line Mehr-2002-007, Mehr Block, Zagros thrust-fold belt, Iran – OMV
–Modeling the kinematic evolution and the deformational patterns along 2 geoseismic sections in the Campos Basin, offshore Brasil – Petrobras
–Three dimensional fracture patterns in reservoirs (an aid to prospect evaluation) – Enterprise Ltd
AAPG Field trips:
–Mechanical stratigraphy and fracture distribution in the Cretaceous platform carbonates of the Sorrento Peninsula (Southern Apennines). 1 day  pre-conference field trip, AAPG Naples 2013.
–A platform to basin transect in the Campania-Lucania Apennines: insights into the geology of the Val d’Agri/Tempa Rossa oilfields. 2 days post-conference field trip, AAPG Naples 2013.
–Contrasting dolomitazion styles in the Mesozoic of the Sorrento Peninsula (Southern Apennines). 1 day post-conference field trip, AAPG Naples 2013.
–Late- to Post-Variscan, Large Scale Hydrothermal Dolomitization in the Iglesiente Area, Southwestern Sardinia: Geologic/Geodynamic Setting, Fluid Flow and Porosity Evolution: I.C.E. Milan 2011 AAPG, 3 day field trip.
PhD Theses:
2016- : Mariarosaria Martino, “Calcareous nannoplankton biostratigraphy of Mesozoic Carbonate Units of the Zagros and Hellenides fold-and-thrust belts”
2016-: Francesco Puzone, Mesozoic inheritances and lithological control on the geometry and kinematics of the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt in the Lurestan province of Iran
2015 -: Francesco Vinci, “Controls of mechanical stratigraphy on multi-scale fracture development in platform carbonates”.
2013 – 2016: Amerigo Corradetti, “Structural characterization of outcrops by means of close-range multi-view stereo-photogrammetry”
2012 - 2015: Monica Girundo, “Multiscalar analysis of calcareous-dolomitic successions: relationships between fracturing and textural-mechanical attributes of carbonates.
Selected publications by the research group:
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