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Definition of models of shear wave seismic velocities (Vs)

Research group: Nunziata C., Costanzo M.R.,  Strollo R.
Main active collaborations:
Department of Mathematics and geosciences, University of Trieste
Vs models are defined at depths ranging from tens of metres to tens of kilometres. Such models are obtained through the non-linear inversion with the Hedgehog method of the group velocity dispersion curve of the fundamental mode of Rayleigh waves, generated both naturally (earthquakes and noise) and artificially (weight drop or explosive). Group velocities of Rayleigh waves fundamental mode are obtained by a multifilter technique named Frequency Time Analysis (FTAN) based on the frequency-time analysis of a seismic signal and allows to identify and isolate the fundamental mode and the higher modes.
In recent years successful experiments of the Green's function (surface waves) extraction from noise cross-correlations between two recording stations have been performed both on a local scale (inter-station distance of tens of kilometers) in the Campanian plain and on a small scale (inter-station distance of 60-4000 m) in the urban area of Napoli. The results of this research are very important because they have demonstrated the repeatability and robustness of the cross-correlation of seismic noise signals and its powerful capability to investigate prohibitive depths in urban areas, without drilling and source.
Comparisons with methodologies based on phase velocities (SASW, f-k, MASW) and measurements in holes have allowed to establish that FTAN method provides excellent results and is particularly recommendable for measurements in highly urbanized cities because (1) it requires only one receiver on the surface, (2) does not care of the noise, and (3) the VS models are in excellent agreement with cross-hole and down-hole measurements.
Main results of the research:
1) Seismo-stratigraphies of the urban area of Napoli;
2) A method of evaluation of the liquefaction hazard;
3) Reconstruction of the crust and upper mantle structures below the volcanic areas of Campi Flegrei, Ischia, Mt. Vesuvius and Roccamonfina, the Neapolitan area and the Campanian Plain.

Example of VS models in the urban area of Napoli (e) obtained by the non-linear inversion (Hedgehog method) of group velocities of fundamental mode Rayleigh waves (d) extracted by the FTAN method (c) from the cross-correlation functions (b) computed between pair of receivers (red line in a).
VSmodels below the Campanian Plain compared with the geological sections 8-9 (modified after Mostardini and Merlini, 1986) at the crossing points (1-2-3) with the investigated paths (modified after Costanzo and Nunziata, 2014). An agreement is found up to depths of ~ 8 km, but the layer with VS=3.85 km/s can be attributed to metamorphic rocks, not to Lagonegro basin sedimentary rocks.
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