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Carbonate Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Permanent staff members:  Alessandro Iannace, Mariano Parente
Carbonate rocks are of paramount economic importance as reservoirs of groundwater and of petroleum, as building stones and as raw material for concrete and cement. But they are even more important as a source of information on the evolution of the Earth System during the geological past. In particular, the carbonate rocks which make the backbone of the southern Apennines represent a 150-myr time-window (Late Triassic–Late Cretaceous) on climate and ecosystem evolution in thetropical shallow waters of the Mesozoic western Tethys. Our research group at the Department of Earth Sciences, Environment and resources of the University of Naples Federico II has a wide expertise in the field of carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy ad micropaleontology. Our main research topics comprise: the stratigraphy and facies evolution of Meso-Cenozoic carbonates of the peri-Adriatic area; the genesis and distribution of dolomites in the carbonate platform and basinal successions of the southern Apennines; the petrography, geochemistry and genesis of calcareous tufa and travertines of southern Italy; the record of oceanic anoxic events and ocean acidification in the Mesozoic carbonate platforms of southern Italy; the chronostratigraphic calibration of carbonate platform biostratigraphy by isotope stratigraphy (carbon and strontium isotopes).

Main collaborations: Elisabetta Erba (Università di Milano, Italy), Karl Föllmi (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Thomas Steuber (The Petroleum Institute, UAE), Hugh Jenkyns (University of Oxford, UK), Esmeralda Caus (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain), Gianluca Frijia (Università di Ferrara, Italy), Gyorgy Less (University of Miskolc, Hungary), Marta Gasparrini and Fadi Nader (IFPEN, France).


Recent research projects:

2007-2009. Upper Cretaceous Larger Foraminifera biozonation (KSBZ) and its correlation with pelagic organisms and isotope stratigraphy: a high-resolution tool in reconstructing palaeobiogeography, palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology. Coordinator of Napoli Research Unit: Mariano Parente. Principal Investigator: Prof. Esmeralda Caus, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain). Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity.

2009-2011. La deformazione nelle rocce carbonatiche: implicazioni per la caratterizzazione e la modellizzazione dei serbatoi naturali di geofluidi. Coordinator of Napoli Research Unit: Alessandro Iannace. Funded by Italian Ministry of Education and Research.

2009-2011. Patterns of survival and recovery of Larger Foraminifera after the mass extinction of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary (CTB). Coordinator of Napoli Research Unit: Mariano Parente. Principal Investigator: Prof. Esmeralda Caus, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain). Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity.

2012-2014. Case-studies for Sr-isotope-ratio-based numerical dating of Senonian and Oligocene- Miocene geological events in the Western Tethys and adjacent seas. Coordinator of Napoli Research Unit: Mariano Parente. Principal Investigator: Prof. Gyorgy Less, University of Miskolc (Ungary). Funded by the Hungarian Agency for scientific research (OTKA).

2013-2015. The Late Cretaceous Global Community maturation Cycle: tempo and mode of larger foraminifera evolution and their relations with climate and sea-level changes. Coordinator of Napoli Research Unit: Mariano Parente. Principal Investigator: Prof. Esmeralda Caus, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain). Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity.

2013-2015. CO2 excess in the geological record: biotic response to hyperthermals and ocean acidification. Coordinator of Napoli Research Unit: Mariano Parente. Principal investigator: Prof. Elisabetta Erba, Univ. di Milano. Funded by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (PRIN 2010-11).

2017-2019. Sr-isotope stratigraphy and structural analysis of the Miocene shallow-water carbonates sealing the forebulge unconformity in the central-southern Apennine. Principal investigator: Prof. Mariano Parente. Funded by the University of Naples Federico II.


PhD Theses.

2017-     : Monia Sabbatino, “Sr-isotope stratigraphy and structural analysis of the Upper Cretaceous and Miocene shallow water carbonates bracketing the forebulge unconformity in the Central-Southern Apennine”

2016-     : Mariarosaria Martino, “Calcareous nannoplankton biostratigraphy of Mesozoic Carbonate Units of the Zagros and Hellenides fold-and-thrust belts”

2015 -     : Francesco Vinci, “Controls of mechanical stratigraphy on multi-scale fracture development in platform carbonates”.

2013 - 2015: Monica Girundo, “Analisi multiscalare di successioni calcareo-dolomitiche: valutazione delle relazioni quantitative tra stato di fratturazione e caratteristiche meccanico-tessiturali delle rocce carbonatiche”.

2009-2012: Alberto Trecalli, “The record of the early Toarcian and Early Aptian oceanic anoxic events in the Apenninic Carbonate Platform (Southern Italy)".

2009-2012: Tatyana Gabellone, “Dolomitization in basinal limestones of the Lagonegro Units: from early diagenesis to tectonically-driven fluid flow”. Tatyana Gabellone is carbonate reservoir geologist at Eni, Milano, Italy.

2006-2010: Laura Galluccio, “Dolomites within the Mesozoic carbonates of Sorrento peninsula (Southern Apennines - Italy): genetic models and reservoir implications”. Laura Galluccio is Reservoirs Technical Work Group Leader at Badley Ashton/PDO, UK.

2005-2009: Matteo Di Lucia, “The record of middle Cretaceous global changes in southern Apennines carbonate platforms”. Matteo Di Lucia  is senior thin section micropaleontologist at RPS energy, UK.

2003-2007: Gianluca Frijia, “Isotope stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous shallow-water carbonates of southern Apennines”. Gianluca Frijia is associate researcher at the University of Ferrara.


Recent papers (2008-2018)


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