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Laboratory RX2 – X Ray Powder Diffractometry (XRPD)

Responsible (RADOR):
Tel.: 081 2538193
The Department of Earth, Environment and Resource Sciences hosts the Laboratory of diffraction (RX2 Lab) with a MZVI Seifert-GE  X-ray powder diffractometer (XRPD); the instrument is equipped with an ID3003 generator (acquired in 2012) and a theta/2theta horizontal goniometer. XRPD analyzes are carried out on minerals, rocks, archaeological objects and other materials, both natural and synthetic. A qualitative phase interpretation is provided, togehter with a quantitative evaluation by Rietveld method. The most commonly investigated samples are silicates and non silicates of different geological origins, worldwide ore deposits, metallic and lithoid samples for archaeometric studies.