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Seismological laboratory


Scientific Responsible

Prof. Concettina Nunziata

Tel. 081-2538349

Staff: PhD Dr. Costanzo M.R., Dr. Viola R.

Research activity is focused on seismic monitoring and noise acquisition for the definition of the geological structures in Campania. Laboratory has 3 Kinemetrics Q330 stations equipped with accelerometres Episensor FBA ES-T and 2 SARA SL06 stations ( equipped with accelerometres SARA SA10.
Stations are set at Napoli (SMN, on the foundations of SS. Marcellino e Festo monumental complex) and at Monte S. Angelo (MSA, on the foundations of DiSTAR) and are remote connected for the continuous monitoring (


The SMN station at Napoli (in the red square) is installed on the Neapolitan Yellow tuff at about 21 m of depth from the surface, close to the Wiechert seismograh (out of order). 
Daily recording (2013/12/29) at the SMN station with the earthquakes of Monti del Matese sequence.
The most significant events are analysed and bulletins are published ( Moreover, for close earthquakes, seismological parameters are computed of engineering interest (maximum acceleration, response spectra). 
Response spectra (5% damping) computed for the Monti del Matese main shock recorded at the SMN station.