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Seismological laboratory


Scientific Responsible (RADOR)

081-2538349 Fax: 081-2538118
Partecipants: Nunziata C., Viola R., Costanzo M.R., Mandara R., Strollo R.
Research activity is focused on seismic monitoring and noise acquisition for the definition of the geological structures in Campania. Laboratory has 3 Kinemetrics Q330 stations equipped with accelerometres Episensor FBA ES-T and 2 SARA SL06 stations ( equipped with accelerometres SARA SA10. 
Location of the seismic stations operating in 2015 at Ischia, Bacoli (MIS) and Napoli (SMN) and of the main shock epicentre (gray star) of the Monti del Matese  seismic sequence (2013/12/29 17:08:43 UTC, ML=5.0)
Stations set at Napoli (on the foundations of SS. Marcellino e Festo monumental complex) and at Bacoli (foundations of the public Library) are remote connected for the continuous monitoring (  
The SMN station at Napoli (in the red square) is installed on the Neapolitan Yellow tuff at about 21 m of depth from the surface, close to the Wiechert seismograh (out of order). 
Daily recording (2013/12/29) at the SMN station with the earthquakes of Monti del Matese sequence.
The most significant events are analysed and bulletins are published ( Moreover, for close earthquakes, seismological parameters are computed of engineering interest (maximum acceleration, response spectra). 
Response spectra (5% damping) computed for the Monti del Matese main shock recorded at the SMN station.