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Sample preparation Laboratory

Responsible for Didactic and Research Activities (RADoR)
The Sample preparation Laboratory is equipped for the processing of rock samples (cutting, crushing, pulverizing, preparation of pressed powder pellets, calcination, sieving, separation of mineral phases) necessary to perform petrochemical and geomineralogical analyses.
The Laboratory is equipped with the following machinaries:
- diamond blade circular saw Saj Giuliano Cutter 45;
- jaw crusher Retsch BB100;
- planetary ball mill Retsch PM100;
- muffle furnace Nannetti LKN84;
- laboratory oven Heraeus T6060;
- mechanical shaker Giuliani IG/3-EXP;
- set of 200 mm diameter laboratory sieves Glenammer/Tecnotest (aperture size: 31.5/16/8/4/2/1/0.5/0.125 mm);
- manual hydraulic pellet press Herzog TP40;
- isodynamic magnetic separator Frantz L-1;
- ultrasonic baths Elmasonic S100 H and S180 H;
- laboratory analytical balance Mettler AJ150.