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Environmental Geochemistry Lab 


Head of the laboratory (RADOR)
Tel.: 081-2535059 - 081-2535064
The Environmental Geochemistry Lab(LGA Lab) mainly deals with the geochemical characterization of environmental media as sediment, soil, water and air at regional and/or local scale (site-specific).
The lab is equipped with high precision portable equipment for on-site and off-site activities as the photoionization detector (PID) for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the portable spectrometer (Atomtex AT6102) for the measurement of environmental natural radioactivity and for the on-site assessment of the effective dose.
The lab is able to offer analytical and geochemical mapping servicesby using the more modern GIS aided and geochemistry dedicated  (GeoDASsoftware) geospatial analysis tools.
Fig.1 - Portable spectrometer ATOMTEX AT6102
Fig.2 - Sample drying by means of IR lamps
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