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Applied Geology and Geotechnics Laboratory

Scientific Responsible (RADOR): Prof. Pantaleone De Vita
Technical Responsible: Dott. Enrico Di Clemente
Largo San Marcellino, 10 - 80138 NAPOLI
Tel.: 081-2538351  


Banco da laboratorio_small.jpgThe Applied Geology and Geotechnics Laboratory of the Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Science (DiSTAR) is provided with a wide set of equipment for the characterization of physical, index, mechanical and hydraulic properties of soils (ASTM, UNI, etc. standards), both in the saturated and unsaturated domains, as well as for the measurement of properties of intact rocks and rock masses (RMR and Q-system classification). The characterization tests support researches on landslide phenomena and slope stability, study of engineering geological issues related to the design of civil engineering works and hydraulic characterization of soils for the analysis of aquifer systems.
Taglio direttoFor soils, the available equipment allow the measurement of fundamental index properties, included the grain size analysis and consistency limits, and of principal mechanical properties, such as shear strength and compressibility, by direct shear and oedometric tests respectively. For undisturbed soil samples, gathered by a specific sampler, the hydraulic properties of soils are measured: in the saturation domain, by a constant head permeameter that permits the estimation of hydraulic conductivity; in the unsaturated domain, by Pressure Extractor and Tempe Cells that allow the reconstruction of the Soil Water Retention Curve up to 5 bar and 1 bar, respectively. For soft rocks and joints of rock masses, the shear strength are measured by the Hoek apparatus; for rock masses, the joint compression strength and roughness are estimated in the field by portable instruments such as the Schmidt's hammer and the Barton's profilometer.


Apparecchio di Hoek Banco essiccazione Coppella di Casagrande e penetrometro a cono

Serie di setacci

Hoek apparatus Work bench for drying specimens Casagrande cup and cone penetrometer Sieve series
 Bilance di precisione  Edometri_small.jpg  Permeametro a carico costante  Stufa da laboratorio e muffola
Precision balances Oedometers  Constant head permeameter  Drying cabinet and muffle furnace
Banco da laboratorio Taglio diretto Pressure Extract & Tempe Cells  
Laboratory work bench Direct shear apparatus Pressure extractor and Tempe Cells  


 Teaching Activity
The Applied Geology and Geotechnics Laboratory is a principal concern for practical exercitations of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology courses, both for the BC and MS degrees. It provides the students the possibility to gain practical skills regarding techniques for physical, mechanical and hydraulic characterizations of geological materials and to develop the experimental part of thesis degrees under the assistance of technical personnel.