Doctorate of

Earth, Environmental and Resources Science



This PhD program will form a researcher in Earth Sciences with specific and transversal skills, aimed at the land and environment management, which implies the knowledge of all the geological aspects, from both static and dynamic points of view. Such a profile will be able to coordinate different activities for the geological analysis of the territory, especially in areas affected by high seismic, volcanic, landslide, flood and environmental hazards such as Campania region. The training profile is related to the study of past geological phenomena, identification, exploitation and management of georesources (groundwater, building geomaterials, mineral resources, fossil fuels, renewable and alternative  energy resources), recent and current Earth dynamics (geological and environmental risk distribution and intensity), application and development of geophysical, geochemical, mineralogical, petrological and engineering-geological methodologies, devoted to the monitoring and 3D modeling of the territory, also for predictive purposes and direct and indirect exploration of the subsoil.