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Doctorate of

Earth, Environmental and Resources Science

Research Topics

Understanding and definition of both the static and evolutionary geological features is essential for any land and environment management. The PhD in “Earth, Environment and Resources Science” aims to train a researcher with specific and transverse ability to coordinate different activities for the land geological analysis and for studying the anthropic-environmental interactions tied to the static and dynamic attributes of the physical environment. This is especially valid for the complex land management in Naples and Campania, characterized by a high seismic, volcanic, geological and environmental risk (e.g., due to cultural and artistic heritage and pollution from waste).
The main research topics will regard:
- Past Geological phenomena (with their influences on the distribution and extent of geo-resources);
- Geological phenomena related to the recent and current dynamics (with their influences on the distribution and intensity of risks);
- Exploration of the Earth through application and development of geophysical, geochemical and geological methods, ranging from the monitoring, also for predictive purposes, to the 3D modeling of physical and chemical parameters.
The training of such specialists will be realized in the context of high-profile international collaborations.

Organization of courses and Teaching

The PhD training will be supported by ad hoc courses and master degree courses: for some of them there will be also a final test.
There will also be series of seminars and research stays in Italy and abroad