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The Historical Library, located in four rooms at the first floor of the San Marcellino Complex, houses about 6000 Seventeenth to Twentieth Century volumes mostly on geologic subjects. Highly valuable are the works on Vesuvius and the Campanian area, and there are also 'classics' in the field of Earth Sciences dating back to Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century. An independent nucleus consists of a precious section of Oriental philosophy, originated from the cultural interests of Giuseppe De Lorenzo (1891-1957). The collection is enriched by large offprint miscellanies assembled by Francesco Bassani (1858-1916) and Giotto Dainelli (1878-1968).
A partial card catalogue of the Historical Library is available in the modern section (ground floor). For special research needs, please arrange an appointment with the chief librarian after receiving a prior approval by the Library Board.
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